Remains was a group exhibition in May 2017 in ŠČ Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania

The remains of something are what is left after elements have been removed, used, or destroyed. They illustrate a change of state. As a verb, ‘remain' refers to something that continues to exist after an alteration has occurred.

Taking in the existing character and past of the space, the works in the exhibition were made as a way of glorifying waste already there or found around Vilnius. What is usually disregarded came to the foreground.

Preparing for the exhibition over a 3 month period created on-going constructing and deconstructing, agreeing and disagreeing. As a result, the curation of the exhibition was done through a performance reflecting the constantly changing nature of our content and ideas as a group of 18 individuals of varying backgrounds and disciplines. There was no sense of individual authorship as the shape/positioning/curation of the exhibition changed every 20 minutes. The state a viewer would see it in would always be the remains of an alteration made during the performance. 

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